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Meld je nu aan voor MEMO!
Stuur een mail naar max@memorabelemomenten.nl

Interactive performances for 0 to 6 year old

Children’s concentration can be breathtaking in itself and working for MEMO offers unique artistic challenges. The clarity of your approach and the intention that lies behind your choices, makes performing for children a unique experience and opportunity you won’t find elsewhere. They react not only to what you do, but also to who you are. MEMO artists work as solo performers. The unique MEMO training programme and the experiences that follow will help you to grow both creatively and professionally.

“Charmingly honest, expressive and very appreciative: their applause comes straight from the heart.”

See and listen to MEMO at work

Please note that the films only feature musicians. We have other material featuring dancers, actors and visual artists which we are happy to show you. Contact us by sending us an email.

“After my MEMO a little boy ran up and hugged me. Before I knew it,
the others joined in and I was treated to a group hug with fifteen toddlers.
What a great start to the day!”

MEMO offers a platform for artistic development and an opportunity to:

  • perform frequently, always for a new audience and outside of the regular performance context, free of (physical) distance between you and your audience
  • try new ideas and discover new sources of inspiration
  • think about your own motivation, what music/dance/theatre means to you personally and translate this into your performance
  • work on your own artistic development: communication skills (musical, non-verbal, verbal), improvisation skills, imagination/creativity, freedom and flexibility
    (reacting to and dealing with your audience or unforeseen situations)
  • work in the community-arts sector

MEMO also offers:

  • flexible working: MEMO can fit perfectly into your (busy) life, is flexible and easy to combine with other commitments. Performances take place daily, mostly between 10-11.30h in the morning. No Dutch is No problem!
  • coaching and support: You are guided through the process of making your own MEMO and making it suitable for this age group by experienced MEMO coaches.
  • fair rates of pay in line with the cultural education sector
  • payment that takes travel time into consideration.

Interested to learn more about MEMO?

Please send an email and include the following information:

• your main talent and style
• how many mornings a week you are generally available / flexible
• your postcode
• your telephone number
• whether you are able to use a bicycle for this kind of work
• your nationality (and working status if relevant)

“Do not miss it; kids can give you more than any other audience.”

The project is currently active in Amsterdam and Rotterdam – MEMO aims to begin in other major cities soon.